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Research Fields and Achievements
Research fields: Taxonomy, ecology, phenology, wood properties, wood uses, resistance, selection, hybridization, induction, tissue culture, propagation, Agroforestry model,Afforestation, pest and disease.
Achievements: (1) 150 hectare gene bank has been established in 5 provinces with more than 1000 genotypes; (2) more than 30 superior clones suitable for different climates were selected and bred; (3) over 15 agroforestry models and mixed planting models were tested and extended in rural area; (4) a serial propagation technique was tested and extended; (5) wood properties were tested and many wood uses were developed; (6) Taxonomy and ecology researches were conducted extensively.
Booklist and Magazine: (1) Paulownia Breeding, Cultivation, Utilization and Extension in China; (2) Paulownia in China-----Cultivation and Utilization; (3) Chinese Paulownia; (4) Paulownia; (5) Paulownia Breeding; (6) Collection of Paulownia Papers; (7) Researches on Paulownia; (8) Agroforestry and Paulownia; (9) Agroforestry Systems in China; (10) Genetic improvement of Paulownia; (11) How to Cultivate Paulownia
《Paulownia Breeding, Cultivation, Utilization and Extension in China》 《Paulownia in China --- Cultivation and Utilization》
《Agroforestry Systems in China》 《How to Cultivate Paulownia》
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