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Nursery Technique of Paulownia
The propagation of paulownia is simple and easy, e.g., the root, stem,shoot or seed can all be used for propagation with simple methods.Recently, the propagation methods that are used for large scale production of paulownia planting stocks is to adopt the roots of 1-2 year old paulownia seedling to conduct rooted cutting development. Under the well combination of advanced propagation techniques and the intensive management on nursery, the one-year-old paulownia seedlings could have the height of 4 m and root collar diameter of 6 cm with the quality seedling propagation of 6,000 plants per hectare that are ready for planting. The key technical points for the rooted cutting development methods by using the roots of paulownia seedling are introduced as follows:
1. Deep ploughing for nursery land preparation with sufficient application of organic fertilizers
2. Selection of paulownia roots and stimulation of rooting
3. Appropriate transplanting density and covering plastic film on land
4. Timely removal of buds, loosening soil and weeding
5. Well draining, piling up soil and appropriate fertilization
6. Insect and disease control
7. Remaining fit root for further seedling development
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