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30-year-old Tree of P.elongata in Mingquan of Henan Provence
the fastest growing tree species in China
Paulownia grows fast biologically, so that its stem will be big enough for some purpose when it is 7-8 years old if the appropriate management is given. Based on the investigation on growth of P.fortunei and P. elongata, their mean annual increment of diameter at breast height (DBH) reached 3-4 cm with its maximum value of 7-8 cm, their mean annual increment of volume reached 0.03-0.05 m3 per plant with its maximum value of 0.2 m3 per plant. For example, a P.fortunei tree growing in Guilin city, Guangxi Autonomous Region had its DBH of 77 cm, height of 21 m and volume of 3.67 m3 when it was 11 years old.
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