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High-Yielding Plantation of Paulownia
Based on the investigation, the paulownia high-yielding plantation in 10 years old can grow its mean height to 16-20 m, its mean DBH to 35-40cm and its standing volume to 0.5 m3 per tree. Aiming at reaching these growing criteria, following high-yielding techniques should be adopted for developing paulownia timber plantation.
1. Appropriate selection of sites and species
2. Deep plaguing for site preparation with sufficient application of organic fertilizers
3. Establishing paulownia-crops intercropping models with suitable tree planting density
4. Strengthening tending and making tree straight with piling up soil
plantation in hilly area
5. Additional application of N and P mixture fertilizers
6. Immediate removal of buds, pruning and stem extension
7. Cutting off witches broom branches and control pests
High-yielding Plantation of Paulownia in Shandong Province
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